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The building champions program has helped change my mindset from both a work and personal perspective. JP has helped me separate out the ‘noise’ from my day to day life and has made me realise that not everything needs a response. I am in the relatively early stages of building a team and I will always stand by the statement, ‘the standard you walk past is the standard you accept’, I have taken this with me and have already used it to have some difficult conversations that will no doubt help me in the long run. JP has allowed me to set a bigger vision of how I want my team to look, I want them to be part of ‘building the cathedral’ where they can look back on their achievements and be proud, rather than attending work because it is all that they know or for the money.

JP has also allowed me to build more structure into my life outside of work, starting with reigniting my love for exercise, I now do this daily and have recently rejoined the gym. I no doubt gave every excuse under the sun but ultimately it sat with me on making a change in my lifestyle, along with having the discipline to stick with it, JP condensed it down very clearly. I have no doubt the programme has turned me into a better leader for my team.

I feel extremely lucky to have been apart of the programme and to have had the opportunity to work alongside someone that has achieved so much in the sporting world. I would not hesitate to use JP in the future to improve both myself and the team.

Tom Burrell | Director of Commercial Finance & Sports Operations - EU