I was so pleased that I chose Jamie to come and join our management meeting to do a motivational talk for the guys; it was the first management meeting of its kind, with a new team where we are trying to blend the skills and personalities to help move into our next phase of growth so we wanted to try something different. Jamie’s talk came from the heart and provided some pertinent points for everyone to have a think about. The following morning, on two occasions, I heard quotes from Jamie’s talk being used in the context of the guys roles – one decided that he wouldn’t accept the poor standard and didn’t walk passed it – he turned around and dealt with it. The second was that he woke up in the morning and decided that today was the day that he “got off the bus.” I would definitely recommend Jamie if you were thinking of bringing someone in who speaks from the heart – as someone who is one of the best at what he does, proving it isn’t just text book talk.
Shelley Bloom, Head of HR