Sewell Group

“I heard Jamie’s “No white flag” inspirational talk and although not a rugby fan I was so impressed that I approached him to do a presentation in Humber Business Week which compared winning strategies/characteristics in both sport and business. This was really successful and hugely well received by a full house.Some-time later we had a very difficult and challenging large building project in which the site team were up against it in a number of areas. I thought they needed a morale boost and some learnings from a different perspective, so I asked Jamie to go down to the project and without hesitation he was there in the site set up with 20 or so of them. Some were fans and knew exactly who he was – others didn’t. The effect was manifest and is still seen as a key milestone in what turned out to be a quality job produced in the most challenging of circumstances.”Project Manager Martin Standley continues. “Jamie was inspirational and helped us to see how a high performing team should function and overcome difficulties both individually and collectively. He spoke in a manner which commanded attention and respect, but also empathetically and just at the right level with the right touch. He left us a better team than he found us and I will always be grateful for that at a critical time on an important project”Paul concluded. “Sometimes you have to do something a little different and change the leadership recipe a bit to get the result you want. Jamie helped us here big style”Paul Sewell is the Chair & Managing Director of Sewell Group based in Hull. Sewell are an Estates solutions provider for the public sector & blue chip companies, and a Forecourt retailer serving East Yorkshire, and now have a new office in Leeds. They are a pioneer in PPP (Public Private Partnership) and PFI, are current UK Forecourt retailer of the year, and a Sunday Times listed UK top 10 place to work.