Morbcambe Community High School

Being a fan of Rugby League football, I have for many years admired the performances and achievements of Jamie Peacock MBE. I have the strong impression that whatever team he played for he was very much a ‘leader’; someone who was always striving to get the absolute maximum level of performance from himself and his team-mates.It was by accident that I discovered he was also a motivational speaker, but having admired his on-field abilities I wanted to find out more.Initially I had the idea for JP to come and speak to our Senior Management team, but following a brief discussion with him i decided to invite all members of staff.I am delighted that I involved our complete team; and despite only a handful of them having knowledge of the sport of Rugby League, the whole group was captivated by JP’s story. My impression is that he is a modest, down-to-earth individual, despite his considerable list of achievements, and I am sure this overall style really grabs the attention of the audience.A team needs to have many attributes to be successful, and JP demonstrated clearly and expertly the factors that made him and his Rugby League teams successful, and that they can apply equally to a business or indeed to life in general. Since he delivered his talk, several members of staff now refer to some of his tag lines such as ‘getting off the bus’ and ‘the extra mile’.We also had 2 colleagues from the Netherlands in attendance; despite the fact that they had probably never heard of the sport of Rugby League, they were equally impressed by the talk, and again continue to use JP’s phrases.I have been a huge admirer of Jamie Peacock for several years, as a result of his exploits on the Rugby field and my impression of him is now further enhanced as a result of hearing his story. I would strongly recommend this inspirational and motivating talk for any company or organisation.
David Pepper, Managing Director