Infinity Works

"I met JP along with a number of other companies when I was looking at a scheme to help mentor some of the senior staff at IW. JP's authenticity stood out for me. He's "walked the walk" for sure, but there is not a hint of arrogance in him and it's ultimately why I thought he'd be fantastic fit for the staff at IW. The lack of ego is brilliant and humbling. His background is totally different from IT, but there are many parallels with how you deal with people and how you can push yourself to achieve the goals you've maybe not quite hit in the past. JP exceeded my expectations. His keynote was fantastic, but the extended mentoring scheme has been so good that we are having him do it again with another 6 members of staff. If you are looking for someone to challenge and help your staff achieve their work life goals, then I'm sure JP will be able to assist you."
Matt Gaffney, Co-Founder Infinity Works