Health and Wellbeing College, Pennine Care NHS foundation Trust

The Health and Wellbeing College, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, had the great pleasure of welcoming Jamie Peacock to open our new facilities in July 2017.Jamie is someone who has inspired our students with health challenges, to believe in themselves and find ways of achieving their ambitions. We incorporate Jamie’s video, poem and talks into our lesson plans as part of our ‘Believe and Achieve’ course, where our students are exploring how to use their assets to reach their own personal goals.Jamie’s approach has encouraged our students with mental and physical health challenges to reassess their current situation, and learn about different thinking styles and how to apply them to problem solving. This has resulted in many of our students achieve a better understanding of some of the barriers they encounter, and learn how to apply their knowledge to work towards their goals and ambitions.Jamie’s approach to life and his career have been incorporated within this course in our curriculum, resulting in students enjoying the fusion between a psycho-educational approach and Jamie’s inspiring personal journey.
George Edgley & Katie Kay, Project Leads