Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We approached Jamie as our Chief Information Officer saw him at another event last year and was really impressed. There has recently been a lot of change in the division with a new management structure and service rename which has led to much change for the staff. The CIO’s ambition to be our best to deliver a significant digital transformation programme was the key driver for asking Jamie to support us on this journey.

We wanted to offer clear and effective techniques to our middle managers that would give them the autonomy and motivation to be their best to deliver a transformation programme of scale and support their teams. We were not disappointed!

We had a couple of meetings with Jamie prior to the event and he understood our objective and our expectations suggesting the 4 week Champions programme. The day itself was engaging and fun and everyone in the room was energised and left feeling they learned something from the day.

As this was a 4 week-long programme with weekly activities built in it meant the day’s learning was consolidated and practiced and then presented back to the groups which allowed for staff from different teams to have shared learning experiences and mix with people that they wouldn’t have done.

The organisation and structure was excellent but most importantly Jamie’s genuine passion to succeed and to help the team grow was evident throughout the entire experience.

Ann-Marie Kitt |Acting Digital People Officer |FEDIPAdvPra