“Initially when I met Jamie I was a little sceptical that an Ex Rugby Player who has no knowledge of the Financial Service industry could help in building a winning team. Boy I was wrong, listening to Jamie's journey, challenges, concerns, worries and how he focused his energies on being the best personally, as a team member and as a leader were truly inspirational. Jamie is very personable, he listens, focused on the areas of concerns and helps coach and direct you to become a better leader through investment in others. No White Flags is a great mantra to hold, especially when you get into the hard truths, easy to avoid with strong characters, however through Jamie's experiences and challenges on and off of the pitch he helps you build new techniques to conquer any challenge you face. He's an all-round nice chap with a desire to want to help others, great to talk to and you may even learn a little about rugby!”
Dale Harding - Operations Lead