ANS Group

“I was introduced to Jamie Peacock via the IT Leaders forum. I have been working with Jamie for about a year now, after I sold my last company, looking at the next phase of my career, and with many similarities to Jamie’s own career we have been through a number of phases. Jamie helped me get back into good habits based on my agreed Top 5 - Attitude, Self Discipline, Team, Collaborate, Reflection and break some of the old bad habits. We then moved to solidify those into daily habits and focus on my 3 non negotiables of Attitude, Self Discipline, and the Extra Mile. I am now in Phase 3 – Stretch, looking at some deeper challenging questions and what’s really important to me for the future. Jamie has had a big impact on both my home and work life, in particular my health, motivation, attitude and behaviour, and I cannot thank him enough. ”
Adam Spurr, General Manager.