HMP Humber

Jamie attended HMP Humber in February 2017 to deliver his ‘No White Flag’ motivational presentation. The presentation was part of the Rugby League course held at the prison. Jamie’s audience was a mixture of staff and approximately 40 prisoners.Jamie’s presence was enough to capture the respect of the audience but when he started the presentation you could see the focus and willingness to listen in the room. Jamie made his past circumstances relevant to the prisoners in attendance and their current circumstances. One prisoner stated afterwards “Jamie has provided me with inspiration and self-belief. From now on I will never give up and I will prove to myself and others that there are no limits in achieving success”.Jamie is an inspiration, a leader and a true professional that will have a positive influence on all those in his presence.The ‘No White Flag’ presentation is still talked about days after Jamie’s visit. In order to achieve and be successful, you have to do something different from everyone else. Jamie is living proof of this.Hopefully Jamie will be back again in the future and I can’t thank him enough for firstly coming to HMP Humber and secondly the huge impact he has had on everyone present.
Chris Hancock, HMP Humber, PE Department