Boston Spa Academy

"Jamie came to Boston Spa Academy as our keynote speaker for our Prize Presentation Evening. We were immensely impressed by his efficient and professional communication in the lead up to the event, however, he exceeded all of our expectations on the evening itself.
Jamie expertly shaped his keynote speech to students, parents and staff in a way which was accessible to all and used the key principles behind his fantastic career to inspire, motivate and engage all those in attendance.
Jamie communicated with passion and provided all stakeholders with tangible actions that could be taken to achieve success in whatever field they wished to pursue. Most impressively, Jamie spoke with immense humility, despite his amazing achievements in his glittering career.
Jamie's warm and kind manner extended to his interactions with all staff, parents and students before and after the event; he is a true role model to all of us at Boston Spa Academy."
Peter Hollywood | Headteacher