Team building

Building your most important resource

A team’s success is built on good relationships. Team building exercises are an excellent way to improve social bonds while also empowering individuals to explore their creative thinking. Jamie offers a variety of events to bring staff and colleagues closer together, with options for full-day intensive workshops and short, 2-hour leadership seminars. Highly experienced in delivering corporate team building to a range of sectors, Jamie’s approach is designed to boost confidence and trust through a range of dynamic activities.




A 30 day challenge using the 12 principles of the Champion Team. Great for creating a collaborative, supportive atmosphere over a longer period.

This team coaching workshop comprises of 2 sessions set 30 days apart that will ensure your team shares common ground and a common purpose. This 30-day team building challenge strengthens trust, fosters better relationships and builds winning habits.

Length: 1 x 5 hour and 1 x 2 Hour
Number: Maximum 30



A 2 hour interactive deep dive into leadership using a simple, proven, effective framework. Jamie will develop your team’s leadership capabilities, honing their understanding and knowledge of this essential component that makes a ‘champion team’.

Length: 2 Hour
Numbers: Maximum 30



A fun, interactive day for your team that covers Wellbeing, Teamwork and Leadership. Jamie will bring a range of challenges to the table that will help your team work together and find their own individual strengths. An exciting and personally rewarding group coaching experience that’s ideal for building a winning culture.

Length: Full Day
Numbers: Maximum 40




‘Champion Teams’ is a keynote motivational talk by Jamie Peacock that looks at the 12 principles in 3 areas that create a winning team and culture.

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The 30-day wellbeing programme. With a positive mindset, good sleep, eating healthy and physical activity, you can BE A CHAMPION

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Jamie’s down to earth style combined with the universality of the program made sure that everybody embraced the new behaviours. Improvement in the team’s attitude and belief has been transformational.

Paritosh Srivastava, Production Manager – CPG Europe


Carrick Group

Jamie is totally inspirational.

He left the Group reenergised and upbeat, ready to face the challenges in life!

We are now re-equipped with inner confidence and resilience as a result of his coaching.

He comes highly recommended by everyone present at the wellbeing session.

Kairen Brown | Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We approached Jamie as our Chief Information Officer saw him at another event last year and was really impressed. There has recently been a lot of change in the division with a new management structure and service rename which has led to much change for the staff. The CIO’s ambition to be our best to deliver a significant digital transformation programme was the key driver for asking Jamie to support us on this journey.

We wanted to offer clear and effective techniques to our middle managers that would give them the autonomy and motivation to be their best to deliver a transformation programme of scale and support their teams. We were not disappointed!

We had a couple of meetings with Jamie prior to the event and he understood our objective and our expectations suggesting the 4 week Champions programme. The day itself was engaging and fun and everyone in the room was energised and left feeling they learned something from the day.

As this was a 4 week-long programme with weekly activities built in it meant the day’s learning was consolidated and practiced and then presented back to the groups which allowed for staff from different teams to have shared learning experiences and mix with people that they wouldn’t have done.

The organisation and structure was excellent but most importantly Jamie’s genuine passion to succeed and to help the team grow was evident throughout the entire experience.

Ann-Marie Kitt |Acting Digital People Officer |FEDIPAdvPra


Jamie has been delivering motivational leadership training to our Front-Line Leaders for over a year. His ability to discuss, engage and motivate our staff has been fantastic to see. Jamie is able to translate small subtle changes to participants which enables them to perform to a higher level at work but more importantly to their everyday life as well. Jamie is extremely approachable and always makes time for staff who attend and often takes time during breaks to chat with participants. Our Front-Line Leaders have vastly improved since engaging with Jamie and his leadership discussions. A number of staff have also taken up his 30 day challenge with long lasting positive effects, which carried on past the initial 30 days outlined within the programme.

Charlie Byers | TechIOSH | Track Health and Safety Manager

Unity Trust Bank

"The 30 day Champions Challenge was excellent! A really effective mix of an inspiring, motivational speech, mixed with some self-reflection and personal target setting. This was combined with a 30 day challenge to change habits and focus on some self-improvement activities using internal colleagues as accountability partners. It worked really well and the momentum created will be sustained long after the sessions. Thanks Jamie, we’d definitely like you to come to run this with another group!"

Julia Tarpey - HR Director, Unity Trust Bank

Best Western

As a rugby league fan I knew Jamie and of his numerous achievements. We had some discussions about how he could potentially help our business and help us build on our leadership capability, and to help support and embed our leadership and behavioural competencies. I attended the Building Champions 30 day programme.The sessions were inspirational, motivational, and interesting but most of all I was impressed with how he could translate his own real life situations and relate them to the business world. Jamie is extremely emotionally intelligent, is very supportive, and easy to work with.I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Jamie to other businesses who were considering using his services – the feedback from our leaders and managers has been excellent!

Wendy Maddison, HR Business Partner


We've been fortunate to have Jamie support our Academy cohorts over the years with his inspiring 30 Day Champion Teams workshop. The sessions have been vital in helping our Academites reconsider their day to day in order to change their mindsets and function more efficiently and productively as part of a team; tools that will be invaluable both within Infinity Works and beyond. Jamie’s wealth of experience, paired with his relatable and engaging style, has gone down a storm time and time again. Thank you again Jamie, we’re sure there’s lots more to come.

Rachel McMahon, Academy Manager

Construction Products Group Europe

“Jamie’s teamwork day firstly enabled the 2 teams on the day to define what winning behaviours look like, which provided a framework of common ground and common purpose for the teams to work together. Jamie’s down to earth style combined with the universality of the program made sure that everybody embraced the new behaviours. Improvement in the team’s attitude and belief has been transformational. Few words from post session feedback: Insightful, collaborative, reflective, ‘to the point’, learning could be put into practice straight away… I am looking forward to working with Jamie in rolling out the ‘Champion Teams’ program across our business.”
Paritosh Srivastava - Production Manager