One for the City

Giving back to the local community is something that has been, and will always be, important to Jamie. He’s a proud Leeds lad that has never forgotten his roots.

Across the breadth of Leeds, there are hundreds of honourable charities doing outstanding things for communities and people most in need. Starting from September this year, 1% of Jamie’s turnover will be donated to One for the City, to help grow a more inclusive economy and collectively benefit several Leeds charities. With Jamie’s annual One for the City donation, the team will then distribute this amount evenly across charitable and social causes in the city. They work closely with the Leeds Community Foundation to identity how best to allocate Jamie’s donation to ensure it helps in the best ways possible.

Working closely with One for the City is something Jamie is incredibly proud of, especially as they’re an organisation with such closely matched values.

For more information about the scheme and how to get involved please visit