The Building Champions coaching programme

Building Champions is Jamie Peacock’s mentoring programme based upon his Champion Teams Key Note Talk’s principles of success. The course covers Personal Development and Leadership Training, it is bespoke and will be tailored to your business and people’s needs. Jamie has brought his considerable coaching and mentoring skills to a range of institutions, including Financial, Retail, Academic and Government.




While we all bring different skills to the table, there can often be a measurable difference in how we handle stress. Giving your people the tools to navigate stressful situations will enhance their overall wellbeing and provide them with the confidence to make key decisions under pressure.
Throughout the mentoring scheme, Jamie’s approach to coaching helps re-examine behaviours that hold back individual progress, and action positive habits for lasting change. You will see the benefits through:
• Increased employee morale.
• Improved decision making skills.
• Boosted mental resilience.
• Discovering new personal potential.
• Adaptability and clearer thinking.

Through the coaching program, Jamie will work closely with your group to build on strengths and identify areas of growth, allowing your organisation to develop dependable and resourceful teams.



The Building Champions programme will embed winning habits and successful leadership styles over a 50 day period. It is affordable and suitable for all types of organisations who would like professional leadership coaching, from blue-chip companies to SMEs to the public sector and educational bodies. If you are interested in building your most important resource – your people – into Champions, please fill out the contact form to the right.




‘Champion Teams’ is a keynote motivational talk by Jamie Peacock that looks at the 12 principles in 3 areas that create a winning team and culture.

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The 30-day wellbeing programme. With a positive mindset, good sleep, eating healthy and physical activity, you can BE A CHAMPION

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Jamie has the knack of getting the best out of people because of his life experience and personal journey to success"

Emma Latimer Chief Officer NHS Hull CCG

The programme had been able to embed Champion Habits across all levels of our workforce creating a long lasting positive impact"

Andrew Kendall – Jones Prinicipal Southerns Integrated Interiors

It was the best value I have spent on training in 15 years."

Jerry Nicholls 
McDonalds Blades Restaurants Ltd

I would recommend it to anyone who wants something different in the development of their most precious resource - their people."

Paul Sewell – Chair and Managing Director of Sewell Group

It has opened my eyes to another world in close up detail which has made me a better 'people person' and leader"

Nigel Clowes. Senior Investment Specialist. HSBC



I was very fortunate to take part in Jamie’s Building Champions mentoring programme.

Through a series of group and 1-1 sessions, I feel like I have come to learn my own strengths and weaknesses much better than I had before.

Jamie helped me think about my personality traits in different ways and to be conscious of them in my day to day work and personal life.

Jamie is a genuinely nice person to work with and he put me at total ease discussing challenging past experiences - helping me to see them from different angles and using them as learnings.

I would highly recommend working with Jamie, either as an individual or by helping people in teams.

Dave Willey | Channel Account Manager

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Building Champions program, in conjunction with Jamie’s world-class coaching approach, creates a powerful combination that can propel you to new heights—both professionally and personally.

The program’s well-structured playbook evolves alongside your growth, providing a framework for continuous reflection and improvement.

Jamie’s coaching style is refreshingly effective: he swiftly grasps your unique qualities, applies his proven methods, and equips you with the essential tools to ignite your desire for success.

When you fully commit, Jamie will draw out your very best.

Yianni Polyviou | Client Lead


The Building Champion’s programme has helped me to push on with my own personal growth & leadership journey and take it to the next level.

The opportunity to have a structured way of challenging myself with JP’s guidance has been invaluable, pushing deeper into strengths and focussing on areas of improvement.

Commitment and determination required!

Joe Solomon | Head Of Commercial Eastern


I undertook the Building Champions Coaching Programme, and over a 50-day period Jamie worked with me on my personal development and leadership.

The coaching was tailored to my role and my own personal development and Jamie offered me invaluable advice and teaching.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this programme and would recommended Jamie to anyone looking to work on been a better version of themselves.

Holly Copsey | Client Service Director


Jamie delivered his Building Champions mentoring programme to a number of our senior managers.

The programme involved a mix of group coaching, 1:2:1 coaching & journalling.

The quality of the coaching & the results he achieved were phenomenal with words like ‘life-changing’ and ‘inspirational’ cropping up regularly in the feedback.

I’d highly recommend Building Champions to any business looking for a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to developing sustainable leadership capability & we look forward to working with Jamie again in the near future.

Kerry Hunt | Learning and Development Business Partner

Insurance Institute of Leeds

We offered Jamie’s Building Champions Programme to our members who operate at senior director, shareholder and owner - managed level within their respective companies. Despite coming from different businesses the entire cohort benefitted considerably from Jamie’s structured course and his insightful coaching. From working on areas for improvement to enhancing existing areas of strength Jamie skilfully guided everyone to new heights and levels of performance. The coursebook which accompanies the programme is a permanent guide that allows for the ongoing navigation of leadership challenges. A high-quality leadership and personal development experience.

David Ross ACII | Education Secretary

I embarked on Jamie’s Building Champions Programme having realised that my own leadership skills had become somewhat jaded in recent times. Under Jamie’s tutelage I have seen vast improvements to my personal and commercial resilience, learned the value of “Hard Truths” and how to embrace them, exerted a more positive influence on myself and those around me and built stronger well-being habits. In summary I have now not just re-discovered my edge I have significantly improved it. Jamie’s own personal stand out accomplishments and his authenticity as a leader elevates this course to a level which even established and experienced leaders can benefit from. One of the best investments I have made in myself.

David Ross ACII | Independent Non-Executive Director

Expect Distribution

Jamie’s Coaching is thought-provoking, engaging and most importantly has a bias to positive action that really benefitted me. The best investment in personal development I’ve probably ever made and I still use the tools over a year down the line. Thanks again Jamie!

Andy Taylor | Operations Director and Co-Owner

Kwik Fit

The core message that resonated with me throughout the course was the idea that to achieve our best, we must push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and wholeheartedly commit to giving it our all, not just 99.9% but a full 100%. This simple yet profound concept has left an indelible mark on me.

Jamie’s course was instrumental in fostering self-awareness, a critical element in becoming the best version of oneself. Its remarkable how personal development can have such a significant impact on one’s well-being, and this course delivered that in spades.

I can’t thank Jamie enough for his dedication and expertise in this area. His passion for helping others reach their potential is evident in every aspect of the course. The wisdom, guidance, and practical tools he provided have already made a remarkable difference in not just my work life but also my personal life.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie Peacock’s Building Champions Leadership & Personal Development Course to anyone seeking to become a more consistent and effective leader. It’s a transformative experience that goes beyond the professional realm and touches the very core of who we are as individuals.

Once again, thank you, Jamie, for this invaluable journey of growth and self-discovery.

Marc Ainslie | Regional Director

One Beyond

Jamie Peacock is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through his pragmatic approach, attentive listening, and real-world wisdom, he empowers you to become the best version of yourself. What sets Jamie apart is his fresh perspective, untethered from the industry I work in. He started with a blank slate and guided me to recognize my strengths and areas for improvement. If you are ready to embrace authenticity and take that next step, Jamie is the guide you need.

Maureen Mcloughlin | Head of Delivery

XL Media

The building champions program has helped change my mindset from both a work and personal perspective. JP has helped me separate out the ‘noise’ from my day to day life and has made me realise that not everything needs a response. I am in the relatively early stages of building a team and I will always stand by the statement, ‘the standard you walk past is the standard you accept’, I have taken this with me and have already used it to have some difficult conversations that will no doubt help me in the long run. JP has allowed me to set a bigger vision of how I want my team to look, I want them to be part of ‘building the cathedral’ where they can look back on their achievements and be proud, rather than attending work because it is all that they know or for the money.

JP has also allowed me to build more structure into my life outside of work, starting with reigniting my love for exercise, I now do this daily and have recently rejoined the gym. I no doubt gave every excuse under the sun but ultimately it sat with me on making a change in my lifestyle, along with having the discipline to stick with it, JP condensed it down very clearly. I have no doubt the programme has turned me into a better leader for my team.

I feel extremely lucky to have been apart of the programme and to have had the opportunity to work alongside someone that has achieved so much in the sporting world. I would not hesitate to use JP in the future to improve both myself and the team.

Tom Burrell | Director of Commercial Finance & Sports Operations - EU

GMI Construction

We were looking for a coaching partner to come and work with the GMI Board to look at ways to improve individual effectiveness, and strategy development. Jamie was the perfect choice and instantly connected with the Board members creating a feeling of trust and commitment. His approach comes across as a friendly, yet with a challenging style of delivery, which was exactly what we needed. The programme is very thought provoking and requires a great deal of self-reflection and focus. I can’t recommend Jamie and his programme enough to others, it was a perfect fit for us.

Simon Mennell | Group HR Director

Byworth Boilers

Having previously heard good things about Jamie’s Champions Programmes and his style of delivery I was keen to get him on board to work with some of our teams. Investing in our staff is key at Byworth, but finding the right courses isn’t always easy. We went into the programme with an open mind, hungry to learn and eager to get better. There’s no doubt now, thanks to Jamie that we’ve set ourselves up to build on the content and grow as a team.

I’d genuinely recommend JP’s programmes to any company looking to invest in staff and build strong teams – it was a perfect fit for us at Byworth.

Rob | Production Director

Growth Capital Partners LLP

Our senior leadership team of 10 recently had the pleasure of undertaking Jamie’s Building Champions leadership development programme. The programme was excellent, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to develop their leadership group. The straightforward, practical approach was enjoyable, well scheduled to fit in with our busy work schedules and was refreshing compared with various other leadership programmes taken across the group. This ensured that our team were all highly engaged and motivated throughout. Jamie’s supportive and pragmatic style alongside the daily journalling and clear targets and actions leads to quick practical changes in positive leadership behaviours that have now enabled us to have a common language for better communication, individual confidence, and an invigorated and empowered leadership team.

Richard Shaw | Growth Capital Partners LLP


Where do I start… when I heard that my employer was sending me on a leadership development course, I had visons of too many PowerPoint slides and generally being talked at for too long.

I was very wrong with this one.

The first bit of good news was that the course was being led by Jamie Peacock – I will admit it, I have watched the super league and followed Great Britain over the years, so was definitely a bit of a fanboy. First box ticked.

After meeting Jamie – I was really impressed with both him and the way the course was structured. This course is definitely not death by PowerPoint. All of the sessions are engaging and required me to take a hard look at my leadership skills and traits from the ground up. I particularly liked the way that areas which needed improvement were identified straight out and no messing about or sugar-coating things. Honest content – second box ticked.

A consistent theme throughout the course was to utilise the journal included in the book provided by Jamie… I would urge anyone taking part in the course to use the journal as often as you can to document the challenges you will set yourself and report on progress – the good, the bad, pack it all in there, as it’s a great anchor and point of reference as you progress. No overly complicated homework - third box ticked.

This is one of the few courses which I am actually still using the development tips long after it ended – in fact, several of the cohort are still meeting regularly to set out leadership targets and actively supporting each other as we work to improve ourselves and our leaderships capabilities. Real-life usable content – final box ticked.

Paul Bird | Head of InfoSEC & DPO

Oakland Group

The Jamie Peacock Leadership Programme has been a great catalyst for positive change in my life. By focusing on the areas of personal development and leadership skills that required most attention, I have established good, constructive habits as part of my daily routine. Pragmatic and focused, this programme is for people who are looking to improve all aspects of their personal and professional lives in a sustained way.

Robert Oakland | Commercial Director


"Working with Jamie Peacock is an eye-opening experience, not to mention a highly pleasurable one. A wonderful alchemy of insightful observations that enables leaders to improve their game, and the utter simplicity that Jamie brings to the whole engagement.

JP has designed a wonderfully compact package which focuses on the individual whilst reminding people that leadership is also a team game. Simple, effective, engaging and delivered in a personal manner."

James O'Donovan | Managing Director | Datatonic

Driver Hire Nationwide

“I was recently put forward by my employer to participate in the Jamie Peacock - Building Champions Mentoring Programme to help me further develop my strengths and find ways to better manage the more stressful and frustrating parts of my job.I really enjoyed the way the programme was structured, with a mixture of one to one and group sessions. During the first one-to-one session, Jamie and I discussed the areas I wanted to work on (both professional and personal) and we agreed some objectives that we would review and build on as the programme progressed. The group sessions were a great way to share progress and ideas with colleagues, but also helped us empathise with the challenges other departments and individuals face, making us more supportive and collaborative in the process.Jamie was easy to talk to and insightful. Using his wealth of experience and a range of resources, he was able to provide me with strategies that have helped me look at things differently, resulting in more positive outcomes at work and in turn, improving my mental wellbeing. I will continue to use the methods Jamie gave me, in both my private and professional life, and will seek to expand on them further, as I can now clearly see the benefit of personal reflection and development.I would recommend this programme for anyone wanting to make a positive change in how they tackle challenging or stressful situations, building on the strengths you already have along the way – it certainly helped me.”
Adele Turner - National Account Manager


“Initially when I met Jamie I was a little sceptical that an Ex Rugby Player who has no knowledge of the Financial Service industry could help in building a winning team. Boy I was wrong, listening to Jamie's journey, challenges, concerns, worries and how he focused his energies on being the best personally, as a team member and as a leader were truly inspirational. Jamie is very personable, he listens, focused on the areas of concerns and helps coach and direct you to become a better leader through investment in others. No White Flags is a great mantra to hold, especially when you get into the hard truths, easy to avoid with strong characters, however through Jamie's experiences and challenges on and off of the pitch he helps you build new techniques to conquer any challenge you face. He's an all-round nice chap with a desire to want to help others, great to talk to and you may even learn a little about rugby!”
Dale Harding - Operations Lead


“Jamie is a high-performance individual who inspires the same from those around him, having the opportunity for myself and our management team to experience this has been truly transformational. The building champions program not only inspires the participants, but it also challenges you to really explore your own strengths and weakness’ encouraging you to create long lasting high performance behaviours. The most important part for me is the sustained changes have been embedded and can still be witnessed today, months after the course completed.”
Neil Swallow - Senior Director of Operations


“Jamie has delivered an excellent program and brought great insight to the way we look at business and leadership. He has helped focus us on understanding our individual strengths, which will enable us to reach a whole new level of development & performance. I would recommend Jamie to even the most experienced business owner.”
Steve MacDonald , Managing Director: SM Uk


“We recently engaged Jamie to deliver his Building Champions Programme to our management team. The impact was immediate and the buzz around the office was noticeable to all. The programme was thoroughly enjoyable, and, more importantly very effective. I expected that there would be a positive effect on everyone's professional lives but what surprised (and impressed) me was the way people's family lives were improved by working with Jamie. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Programme to any organisation looking to improve performance and lives”.
Kevin Ferriby, Managing Director: Informed Financial Planning

Sky Betting and Gaming

“In most careers today there is a danger that the fast-paced nature of the day-job means we do not spend enough time focusing on and developing ourselves for the future. Enrolling on JP’s ‘Building Champions’ course taught me the fundamentals of how to plan, execute and most importantly, maintain the building blocks of personal and leadership development. From sticking to a simple exercise plan, to landing new initiatives with a large team the 6 weeks slowed everything right down so that I understood what was working, what wasn’t and what the next steps should be. As you’ll learn in the course, there are no such things as a 7/10 but regardless of that, I’d rate this course a 10/10 must for those that want to make positive, lasting changes to their personal and professional lives.”
Jonathan Watts, Head of Research.

“I have worked at Sky Betting and Gaming for coming up to 7 years now. My role as Head of Finance for the Gaming Tribe has a broad range of responsibilities, including reporting, forecasting, and business partnering. The Jamie Peacock Coaching Programme has helped me overcome low confidence levels in large group settings. It was a great platform to really focus on being the best version of myself, heightening my strengths, alongside easy to implement techniques to improve my influencing and prioritisation. The techniques were so impactful that they have become part of my day to day routine”
Kylie Painter, Head of Finance.

Answer Digital

“I've been a leader in a digital consultancy for several years and worked to build effective and strong teams. Jamie's ethos of 'world beating' teams took my thinking to the next level. How do teams become champions? What does it take to be the best? Being mentored by the legend Jamie Peacock gave us all a share in his experience and what it takes to be number one. Our two month mentoring programme provided me with real direction and proven advice which helps us all push that last mile in every race.”
Richard Pugmire, Head of Health.

Platform Housing Group

“Simply put this is the best course I have been involved in. Jamie’s success speaks for itself, but being able to convert that to the business world is to his credit. The format is right to the point and makes sure you are accountable all the way through this learning process. The ‘Traits of a Champion Leader’ are straight forward and easy to work with, and surprisingly we did not encounter any issue that could not be referenced without them. Jamie is an excellent communicator, very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Each 1-2-1 was structured to ensure you had progressed towards your goal and ensuring personal growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to take this course again and would recommend to anyone who is serious about improving their leadership skills. The feedback from all participants has been outstanding. Thanks Jamie”
Zak Owen, Head of Customer Contact and Income.

Age Partnership

“Age Partnership have been absolutely thrilled with the results from the first cohorts. So thrilled we’ve booked two further groups this year & if Jamie can fit us in, a third team!! He’s really inspired our execs at a very difficult time for the whole country and made them take time to reflect on their lives, their contribution to the business & how they can grow as an individual. A great leader & motivator.”
Stephen A Auckland, CEO.

Galway Medical Supplies

“Since working with JP I have become a better leader and a better person both mentally and physically.I now have more energy and more clarity of thought. I have more balance in my life and I get more out of myself daily with more focused and more deliberate effort. As a result my businesses have become more successful despite the global pandemic. My family and friends have all noticed a marked difference in me. With JP’s mentoring I continue to improve every day. I make better decisions in all areas of my life and I have the luxury of talking through my critical life and business decisions with him. I am a happier person and I have a much better understanding of my strengths and how best to use them. I’m no longer as hard on myself as I was yet I now have much higher standards.Working with JP is the best business and lifestyle decision that I have made.”
Colm Hannon, Owner.

ANS Group

“I was introduced to Jamie Peacock via the IT Leaders forum. I have been working with Jamie for about a year now, after I sold my last company, looking at the next phase of my career, and with many similarities to Jamie’s own career we have been through a number of phases. Jamie helped me get back into good habits based on my agreed Top 5 - Attitude, Self Discipline, Team, Collaborate, Reflection and break some of the old bad habits. We then moved to solidify those into daily habits and focus on my 3 non negotiables of Attitude, Self Discipline, and the Extra Mile. I am now in Phase 3 – Stretch, looking at some deeper challenging questions and what’s really important to me for the future. Jamie has had a big impact on both my home and work life, in particular my health, motivation, attitude and behaviour, and I cannot thank him enough. ”
Adam Spurr, General Manager.


“I have become more organised, had increased focus and energy in achieving day to day tasks, got to know my team In more detail which has resulted in them taking on even more responsibility and I believe I have got more from them, importantly I have felt more efficient and got things done in a more effective style. It has opened my eyes to another world in close up detail which has made me a better “people person” and leader, I also realised I was not as good as I thought at some of what I do, sometimes I have given 99% which when you listen to Jamie you will understand the reasons to be at 100%.”
Nigel Clowes, Senior Investment Specialist.

McDonalds Blades Restaurants Ltd

"I recently worked with Jamie and his No White Flag motivational programme. My business operates 7 McDonald’s restaurants in Nottingham. We have 750 staff including 100 managerial positions with an annual turnover of £19 million.Jamie spent 6 weeks mentoring my most senior managers. One to one he had an even bigger impact on them. Talking confidentially to someone outside the business was massively beneficial.Jamie is a leader of people, and he is also great at sharing how he leads to others, using personal experiences and stories.People admire great sports people, Jamie gives you a great insight in to how they work, and how you can influence your own work teams by adopting what worked for him.It was the best value I have spent on training in 15 years."
Jerry Nicholls, McDonalds Blades Restaurants Ltd


"Jamie Peacock is of the most inspirational people I have ever met. He’s insightful, driven, motivated, positive and engaging and he has definitely made a big difference to the CCG and the team of people that he has been coaching.The No White Flag Building Champions training programme has come at just the right time for us in Hull, providing a different perspective to the more traditional organisational development work we have in the NHS. The parallels Jamie draws between sport and the public sector have helped us to look again at what we do, and how we approach our work towards creating a healthier city.Jamie has the knack of getting the best out of people because of his life experience and personal journey to success. He’s not talking theory - he’s done it and got the t-shirt! His honesty and emotional intelligence gives organisations and individuals real support, and we are all hugely grateful for the advice, guidance and motivation he has given us."
Emma Latimer, Chief Officer

Southerns Integrated Interiors

"We have a turnover of £45 million and employ over 200 people and have used Jamie to deliver his keynote motivational talk on a number of occasions and decided to commit further by employing Jamie to start his Building Champions mentoring programme. We used two different course lengths - 10 weeks and 26 weeks. Both returned outstanding results, Jamie was able to develop and strengthen the leadership styles of the senior management whilst at the other end of the spectrum the programme had been able to embed Champion Habits across all levels of our workforce creating a long lasting positive impact"
Andrew Kendall-Jones, Prinicipal

Infinity Works

"I met JP along with a number of other companies when I was looking at a scheme to help mentor some of the senior staff at IW. JP's authenticity stood out for me. He's "walked the walk" for sure, but there is not a hint of arrogance in him and it's ultimately why I thought he'd be fantastic fit for the staff at IW. The lack of ego is brilliant and humbling. His background is totally different from IT, but there are many parallels with how you deal with people and how you can push yourself to achieve the goals you've maybe not quite hit in the past. JP exceeded my expectations. His keynote was fantastic, but the extended mentoring scheme has been so good that we are having him do it again with another 6 members of staff. If you are looking for someone to challenge and help your staff achieve their work life goals, then I'm sure JP will be able to assist you."
Matt Gaffney, Co-Founder Infinity Works

Sewell Group

"Developing true leaders in business from the host of committed and technically competent is really difficult, but essential if the organisation is to reach its potential and thrive. There are mostly lots of decent managers but never enough leaders!At Sewell Group we had identified a group of 16 who showed the potential to make the step up but a spark was lacking to make them properly self aware and motivated to embark on the journey with passion & confidence. Normal business training & development techniques were not working and we needed to try something different and inspirationalJamie Peacocks "Building Champions" programme was just that and I would recommend it to anyone who wants something different in the development of their most precious resource - their people."
Paul Sewell, Chair and Managing Director