No White Flag

No White Flag Keynote Inspirational Talk

Jamies ability to lead and inspire other players has underpinned all the success he has had. ‘No White Flag’ is his keynote/motivational talk about how using skills in the areas of Leadership, Goal Setting, Self Belief, Attitude and Honesty has enabled him to overcome a lack of natural ‘sporting’

talent and become one of England’s best leaders and captains. Delivered by Jamie Peacock, it can be used to inspire you and your employees, to open a conference or close it, at a training day, to inspire pupils at school or just on its own to help motivate.


  • Sewell

    “I heard Jamie’s “No white flag” inspirational talk and although not a rugby fan I was so impressed that I approached him to do a presentation in Humber Business Week which compared winning strategies/characteristics in both sport and business. This was really successful and hugely well received by a full house.

    Some-time later we had a very difficult and challenging large building project in which the site team were up against it in a number of areas. I thought they needed a morale boost and some learnings from a different perspective, so I asked Jamie to go down to the project and without hesitation he was there in the site set up with 20 or so of them. Some were fans and knew exactly who he was – others didn’t.
    The effect was manifest and is still seen as a key milestone in what turned out to be a quality job produced in the most challenging of circumstances.”

    Project Manager Martin Standley continues.
    “Jamie was inspirational and helped us to see how a high performing team should function and overcome difficulties both individually and collectively.
    He spoke in a manner which commanded attention and respect, but also empathetically and just at the right level with the right touch.
    He left us a better team than he found us and I will always be grateful for that at a critical time on an important project”

    Paul concluded.
    “Sometimes you have to do something a little different and change the leadership recipe a bit to get the result you want. Jamie helped us here big style”

    Paul Sewell is the Chair & Managing Director of Sewell Group based in Hull.
    Sewell are an Estates solutions provider for the public sector & blue chip companies, and a Forecourt retailer serving East Yorkshire, and now have a new office in Leeds. They are a pioneer in PPP (Public Private Partnership) and PFI, are current UK Forecourt retailer of the year, and a Sunday Times listed UK top 10 place to work.

  • Michael Page

    “The event was an unqualified success. I invited Jamie to make his  keynote White Flag speech to a business based audience in Newcastle upon Tyne. The feedback we received exceeded expectations on every level. The principal themes of hard work, commitment and  self-improvement resonated strongly with everyone. Jamie delivered with outstanding anecdotes, easy to use tips, and fascinating insights into what it takes succeed at the highest level in any walk of life.”

    Patrick Smith
    Operating Director
    Michael Page Finance

  • Otley Business Awards
    “As chair of the Otley Business Awards there is always a lot of pressure and concern to deliver a fantastic event for our town’s businesses. They have worked hard all year and deserve the best.
    Jamie was our guest motivational speaker for 2016 and he delivered on every level. From our first enquiry Jamie was professional, reliable, and only too happy to help. His talk, ‘no white flag’, engaged our audience and kept them gripped throughout. The resounding cheers that came from our town’s businesses  throughout his talk brought a smile to my face. The ovation at the end was every bit deserved and the feedback I got was tremendous.
    People left our business awards feeling 10 feet tall, motivated, ready to succeed, and go the extra mile. Like I said, our businesses deserve the best, and Jamie is without doubt, one of the best speakers I have heard.”
    Tom Hatley
    Otley Business Awards


  • Northern Hub Alliance

    “Jamie presented to our construction and on track supervisors and kept their attention throughout with his witty and entertaining delivery and inspirational content.  His No White Flag presentation, on how he came from an average rugby player (his opinion) to Man of Steel and Captain of his country by sheer hard work and determination, is a truly motivational story.  His presentation is an inspiration to us all to be the best that we can.”

    Graham Gregson

    Project Health and Safety Manager
    Northern Hub Alliance


  • Pact HR
    ” I enjoyed the No White Flag presentation by Jamie – it was a good reminder that we need to try to take positives out of a bad situation and learn from our mistakes  and that we are ultimately in charge of our own destiny.  Going the extra mile may seem unimportant at the time but it can open up opportunities which may otherwise not come along.”
    Joanne Grigg
    Head of HR Traded Services


  • Northgate Vehicle Hire

    “Thanks very much for doing such a brilliant job on Tuesday in talking to my sales team. Your message was spot on for them and the feedback has been excellent.

    I always knew that your story would appeal to the men in the audience and the feedback I got certainly proved that was the case. However it was also really well received by the female attendees. Later in the evening I was talking to an older sales person based in Southampton who didn’t like rugby and had never heard of Jamie Peacock but she told me she was completely entranced by what you had to say and that she was already planning what her extra mile activities are and what her get off the bus plans were.
    The sales managers are already asking what would JP do and I think your story has truly inspired large numbers of them.”

    Jon Tobbell
    Sales and Marketing Director
    Northgate PLC


  • Better Placed Recruitment

    “Jamie presented to the Better Placed Annual Conference in Feb (2015). His focus on leadership, self belief, goal setting and attitude really hit the mark with the audience (a mix of male and females with only a couple of rugby league fans) and his unassuming yet engaging style really struck a cord. After his presentation Jamie took the time to meet everybody and was more than happy to chat and mingle. Having since taken feedback on the day, there is no doubt that Jamie was the highlight. From a guy that has achieved so much in his career, to have the down to earth style and approachability that he has, he made the day. What a great guy with a great story to be told and someone I would highly recommend if you are looking to inspire and motivate a team.”

    Dean Bartle
    Better Placed Recruitment Ltd


  • Starglaze


    I was so pleased that I chose Jamie to come and join our management meeting to do a motivational talk for the guys; it was the first management meeting of its kind, with a new team where we are trying to blend the skills and personalities to help move into our next phase of growth so we wanted to try something different. Jamie’s talk came from the heart and provided some pertinent points for everyone to have a think about. The following morning, on two occasions, I heard quotes from Jamie’s talk being used in the context of the guys roles – one decided that he wouldn’t accept the poor standard and didn’t walk passed it – he turned around and dealt with it. The second was that he woke up in the morning and decided that today was the day that he “got off the bus.” I would definitely recommend Jamie if you were thinking of bringing someone in who speaks from the heart – as someone who is one of the best at what he does, proving it isn’t just text book talk.

    Shelley Bloom

    Head of HR.


  • HMP Humber


    Jamie attended HMP Humber in February 2017 to deliver his ‘No White Flag’ motivational presentation. The presentation was part of the Rugby League course held at the prison. Jamie’s audience was a mixture of staff and approximately 40 prisoners.

    Jamie’s presence was enough to capture the respect of the audience but when he started the presentation you could see the focus and willingness to listen in the room. Jamie made his past circumstances relevant to the prisoners in attendance and their current circumstances. One prisoner stated afterwards “Jamie has provided me with inspiration and self-belief. From now on I will never give up and I will prove to myself and others that there are no limits in achieving success”.

    Jamie is an inspiration, a leader and a true professional that will have a positive influence on all those in his presence.

    The ‘No White Flag’ presentation is still talked about days after Jamie’s visit. In order to achieve and be successful, you have to do something different from everyone else. Jamie is living proof of this.

    Hopefully Jamie will be back again in the future and I can’t thank him enough for firstly coming to HMP Humber and secondly the huge impact he has had on everyone present.

    Chris Hancock

    HMP Humber, PE Department

  • Procter and Gamble

    “Jamie is a truly exceptional guest speaker. He has such charisma and at the same time humility (despite his huge amount of honours) that he commands the attention of all in the room. His “No White Flag” mentality  and examples are an inspiration to everyone – young and old, male and female, and in business as well as in personal life. Jamie also gave us some great leadership insights and tips that we can apply in our working environment tomorrow. The P&G lead team were talking about him hours after his presentation and what a superb speaker he was – I couldn’t recommend him enough”.

    Helen Johnson
    Associate Brand Director: Global Tesco
    Procter and Gamble

  • Motor Trades GTA


    Following Jamie’s “No White Flag” presentation to our group of Motor Vehicle Apprentices it immediately got them thinking of how they can go that extra mile and the key factors that will help them succeed and be the best in their chosen career.

    A very inspirational talk that holds your attention from start to finish even if you know nothing about Rugby League! This will now be part of our curriculum for our learners and staff every year.

    Mark Crawford
    North Humberside Motor Trades GTA

  • Informed Financial Planning


    IFP held a corporate seminar for our staff and other professionals on Tuesday 13th December 2016. Jamie Peacock MBE was our special guest speaker and certainly made it a seminar to remember.

    Jamie has so much personality and a mesmerising attitude which every single person in the room admired. Our audience was a mixed bag ranging from sport fanatics to novices, but it really didn’t matter. The whole presentation provides a new perspective which can be used in every single walk of life.

    I would highly recommend ‘No White Flag’ and urge those who need inspiring, uplifting and motivating to listen.

    Jamie, you are fab!

    Jessica McMahon Cert CII (FS)
    Marketing & Events Planner
    Informed Financial Planning

  • Marine Management Organisation


    “Jamie Peacock’s presentation was one of the highlights of our staff conference. Staff reported that they really enjoyed hearing his perspectives, his achievements and found his talk to be interesting and motivational. Jamie was an integral part of making the event a real success.”

    Gary Saunders
    Head of Human Resources
    Marine Management Organisation

  • Lochinvar

    Being a fan of Rugby League football, I have for many years admired the performances and achievements of Jamie Peacock MBE. I have the strong impression that whatever team he played for he was very much a ‘leader’; someone who was always striving to get the absolute maximum level of performance from himself and his team-mates.

    It was by accident that I discovered he was also a motivational speaker, but having admired his on-field abilities I wanted to find out more.

    Initially I had the idea for JP to come and speak to our Senior Management team, but following a brief discussion with him i decided to invite all members of staff.

    I am delighted that I involved our complete team; and despite only a handful of them having knowledge of the sport of Rugby League, the whole group was captivated by JP’s story. My impression is that he is a modest, down-to-earth individual, despite his considerable list of achievements, and I am sure this overall style really grabs the attention of the audience.

    A team needs to have many attributes to be successful, and JP demonstrated clearly and expertly the factors that made him and his Rugby League teams successful, and that they can apply equally to a business or indeed to life in general. Since he delivered his talk, several members of staff now refer to some of his tag lines such as ‘getting off the bus’ and ‘the extra mile’.

    We also had 2 colleagues from the Netherlands in attendance; despite the fact that they had probably never heard of the sport of Rugby League, they were equally impressed by the talk, and again continue to use JP’s phrases.

    I have been a huge admirer of Jamie Peacock for several years, as a result of his exploits on the Rugby field and my impression of him is now further enhanced as a result of hearing his story. I would strongly recommend this inspirational and motivating talk for any company or organisation.

    David Pepper
    Managing Director

  • St Mary's College

    Jamie Peacock visited St Mary’s College, Hull on Monday 11th July 2016 to speak to the Year 6 students who were attending Transition week. He spoke to the students in the Opening Ceremony of Transition week and shared his story with them. Jamie spoke about how giving 100% at all times is imperative to ensure success, how to only listen to positive influences in life, and he explained the importance of self-discipline.

    His speech was inspirational and perfectly enhanced the messages of courage, determination and self-belief that we hoped to instil in our new cohort of students. Jamie was extremely personable and gave his time willingly to our 6th form media students who interviewed him for the Transition website and our Year 10 work experience students who produced an article about him for Monday’s edition of our daily transition newspaper. Jamie’s clear messages were really well received by our new cohort of students and I know I will refer to his words in the coming weeks and months when some of our students may need encouragement. It was a pleasure to have Jamie in school to share his experience and advice with our new students, and it was irrelevant whether they were rugby league fans or not – his guidance is universal and he is a role model for students and staff alike at our school where we don’t settle for average, but pride ourselves on being outstanding. Thank you again Jamie!

    Anna Wilbor
    Head of Transition

  • Morecambe Community High School


    Jamie’s words acted as inspiration to students and staff who heard his story. The key messages have certainly started to become a part of the vocabulary used by us all. I have lost count of the number of times that I have heard students talking about going the extra mile, getting off the bus or eating broccoli for breakfast. Year 11 student Amber Dickson said that “I found this very inspiring and made me think about how much more I could achieve if I went the extra mile”. Ben Salem said, “It made me want to keep dreaming big”. Ben Salem said, “It made me want to keep dreaming big”. One member of the teaching staff commented “It is great to see how down to earth he was; just a normal guy who faces the same internal struggles we all do. He showed though how you can overcome, even when all of the odds seem to be stacked against you”. Jamie’s inspiration and story will live long in the memory of all those who were lucky enough to hear it.

    There is no doubt that we will invite Jamie in again to work with our students , he offers something special and additional that we as teachers simply cannot, I can recommend him to you without reservation!

    Matt Auger


    Morecambe Community High School

  • Joseph Chamberlain College

    Joseph Chamberlain

    “I cannot recommend Jamie’s ‘No White Flag’ talk enough! Our learners and staff found Jamie’s talk to be inspirational, motivational and most importantly relatable. Jamie is proof that hard-work is just as important, if not more important than talent alone. Sometimes it is easy to coast by and do enough to get by; ‘No White Flag’ challenges this notion and genuinely makes you think about what you could achieve if you gave 100% in everything that you do.

    Jamie is a consummate professional who we would love to invite back in the future.”

    Robert Jessop
    Joseph Chamberlain College

  • Carleton High School

    Carelton high

    Jamie’s talk captured a true picture of his commitment, setbacks, and hard work which make him the person he is today. His message to “get off the bus” is etched in my mind. I found it inspiring and we have all gained some valuable life messages.

    Andy Holland
    Carleton High School

  • Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

    Pennine Trust

    Jamie presented the keynote leadership speech at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Nursing and Healthcare Professionals Conference “Compassionate care for Everyone” which was attended by over 300 people. The speech was truly inspirational and completely captivated the audience as he used video clips, letters from fans and poetry to describe the key ingredients to be a successful leader. It was a very powerful and moving speech presented by a really authentic leader who despite his amazing success was able to talk about his own challenging times and fears and how he overcame these to “be the best” . The feedback from the audience was that it really motivated them to think how they can also be the best at what they do at all times in the care they give to their patients. Jamie cleverly made parallels between his Professional sports background and that of the Profession of Caring. We look forward to working with Jamie in the future.

    Ian Trodden
    Acting Executive Director of Nursing & Health Care Professionals
    Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

  • Leeds Jewish Welfare Board

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.21.58

    I would like to say a big thank you for attending our event yesterday. Your talk was truly inspirational and motivating, a real story of how belief and the will to succeed can overcome even the greatest obstacles, in particular those we create ourselves.

    The feedback we have had has been amazing and I would like to say thanks again for making our event something that will inspire the people we work with to “Get off the bus”!!!

    Paul Tolkin, Community Support Worker, Leeds Jewish Welfare Board

  • Thorndon School

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.21.16

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much indeed for visiting us last Wednesday.

    Your motivational talk to the Year 9 group really got them talking and thinking, which I can assure you is no mean feat where 280 hormonal 13 / 14 year olds are concerned!

    Stephanie Braithwaite, Deputy Headteacher, Thornden School

  • Rochdale Housing


    ‘All our managers found Jamie Peacocks talk to be both interesting and thought provoking.’

    Gareth Swarbrick, Chief Executive Rochdale Housing.

  • Chadwick Lawrence

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.20.26

    “Jamie’s ‘No White Flag’ presentation was candidly frank and really inspirational. All of our business delegates identified with the links Jamie provided between business and sport. His approachability in chatting with the delegates afterwards underlined how genuine and down to earth a person he is and I would recommend his services to you without hesitation. Thank you Jamie.”

    Neil Wilson, Partner and Head of Employment and Sports Law, Chadwick Lawrence LLP Solicitors.

  • Carr Manor


    You could of heard a pin drop – 200 pupils and staff listening intently to a someone “just like them”, he didn’t succeed just because of his talent but due to his attitude. I still hear the pupils talking about “getting off the bus”. Excellent speech, everyone should hear this story.

    Trudi Hannaford (Teacher at CMHS)

    Jamie’s story is a perfect example of how commitment, attitude and motivation are key contributors to success. The pupils were fascinated listening to his story and will remember it for a very long time. Excellent presentation and one that everybody should hear!

    Sarah Holdsworth (Assistant Principal at CMHS)

  • Rosset School

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.19.57

    Today we have just had a superb and inspirational speech delivered to the whole school by Jamie Peacock.

    As deputy head at Rossett School I believe that positive role models who can deliver powerful messages are absolutely priceless in today’s society. They promote values which can make a huge difference to young peoples lives. Today through his brilliant presentation and position as an outstanding role model, Jamie has helped us hugely in making that difference.

    I would recommend Jamie without hesitation to any school, business or company who wanted people to be inspired to go the extra mile and achieve their goals. Thank you Jamie for taking the time out to help us embed our culture of learning at Rossett School.

  • Leeds West Academy

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.19.27

    ‘Jamie Peacocks talk was compelling. His story centred upon how hard work, focus and a positive attitude have been instrumental in his success.’

    Martin Blacoe, Vice Principal Leeds West Academy.

  • ARC Inspirations

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.19.10

    ‘Jamie is one of the most inspiring speakers I have heard. He has a fantastic way of connecting and motivating people at all levels. His passion and energy are contagious.’
    Martin Wolstencroft, MD Arc Inspirations.

  • HM Prison Service


    Jamie recently visited HM Prison Leeds to deliver ‘No White Flag’ to a group of 75 prisoners and staff.

    Jamie Peacok has a instant presence, he had our attention from the minute the audience walked into the room.

    ‘No White Flag’ is a journey through Jamie’s career to date but more than that it gives the audience an insight into what makes a leader and what drives someone to be the best they can.

    The presentation will make you look at your own attitude to life and how to overcome challenges and boundaries.

    Jamie is an ultimate professional and a nicer bloke you couldn’t wish to meet’

    Mark Hudson Head of Resettlement

  • KPMG


    ‘I know nothing about rugby league but I thought he was great – very inspiring. Think I’m even going to write some goals down (proper ones, rather than corporate speak required by dialogue). Maybe we could employ him while he’s recovering – then every time someone’s flagging we could just send them for some “Jamie-time” and they’ll come back all fired up and raring to go.’
    Jo Joyce, Corporate Tax, KPMG.

    ‘Jamie’s talk was inspiring, he connected with everyone in the room. The feedback I received from the talk internally was the best we’ve had from a keynote motivational speaker.’
    Mike Linter, Partner, KPMG

  • Thongsbridge Tennis

    Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.24.04

    Our school used the No White Flag motivational talk on a number of occasions for different cohorts of students, from linking in with workshops through to motivation for revision and exams. It was amazing to see 300 children at one time so focused and inspired by what Jamie Peacock was saying. Hopefully our students will reflect on this and “Go the extra mile”. Most of our students do not follow rugby or knew of Jamie but this made no difference to the effect he made to them.

    Mrs Buttle, KS4 Achievement Manager

  • Airedale Academy


    Jamie was recommended to me by someone who had heard the speech before at his workplace and he was incredibly enthusiastic about the positive tone of the speech and the powerful effect that it left on the audience. I have to say that I can see exactly why he was so enthusiastic about the speech and the impact that it has!

    The speech was fantastic, very uplifting and inspiring, and Jamie connected with our trainee teachers with absolute warmth and professionalism, giving the speech a really personal tone. It was great that he illustrated his four key points, with examples from his own life and the four principles could be applied to any aspect of life or to the workplace. I particularly liked the analogy of ‘getting off the bus,’ as well as his theory that there ‘is not much traffic on the extra mile!’

    We were so impressed with the quality of the presentation, and also by the way that Jamie interacted with our staff and trainees before and after the formal proceedings, that we would like to book him again to try and inspire some of our more challenging, but able, Year 10 boys in order that they gained an improved attitude to work as they go into their final year at school.

    Jo Healey, Assistant Principal (Partnerships & CPD), Airedale Academy

  • NHS


    Jamie was truly inspirational and No White Flag impacted on us as a team as we attempted to plan and problem solve our own team dynamics and how we needed to engage and get the best out of our wider teams for the future.”

    Claire Shepherd, General Manager.

  • Leeds Building Society


    “Jamie presented at our Sales Conference in January 2013. There were about 150 in the audience. His theme was “No White Flag”. The standard of presentations at our conference is always very high, but Jamie was the stand out performer that day. His message is very clear and digestible. At the conference dinner it was the main topic of conversation, with everyone saying how relevant they felt his message was to them. Personally, it has made me think about what going the extra mile really means and how important it is to fully focus on a task all the way until it is finished. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to anyone who wants to lift their team to new levels of achievement.”

    Peter Hill, CEO, Leeds Building Society