Be A Champion

The Jamie Peacock Be A Champion wellbeing programme
will help you build strong, robust habits, in the four pillars of wellbeing:

Make a fresh start

With the programme, you will receive a specially designed and researched Be A Champion book, as well as exclusive access to a 40-minute wellbeing video presented by me. You will also receive four weekly update emails, each including a 2-minute motivational video.

The programme is about taking a journey together over 30 days to create small daily changes in your life so that you can re-wire your brain and develop new habits in the 4 pillars of wellbeing: positive mindset, eating healthily, sleeping well and being physically active. Over 30 days, we will level up your wellbeing tools to deal with the modern world, while also increasing your overall wellbeing.

What’s in the book?

This 30-day wellbeing course will show you how to become the best version of yourself through a series of simple steps. It covers topics across all aspects of health including:

• How to encourage positive thinking.
• Methods for building on your natural strengths.
• Ways to increase your resilience.
• Steps for boosting your physical health.
• How to stay grounded in the digital age.

As part of the book, a comprehensive mindfulness journal also gives you the space to keep track of your progress over the month and note down how you can improve.

Begin your journey today

If you want to join the tens of thousands who have already completed the Be A Champion Wellbeing program and levelled up their wellbeing habits, there are different ways to do this as an individual, business, school or college.

Firstly, the Be A Champion Wellbeing program can be ordered as individual books for less than 90p per day at only £24.99.
Secondly, you can arrange for Jamie to deliver a 1-hour Wellbeing session in person at your business, where the Be A Champion book will be provided for all attendees.

Finally, for orders over 1000, the price per program drops significantly to less than £10 per person and the accompanying book will be redesigned to be bespoke to your business, college or trust.

Your logo will be placed on the front and inside cover, you can write your own unique foreword, bespoke videos will be filmed on locations of your choice and Jamie will spend a full day onsite delivering Wellbeing sessions.

Since its inception in 2020, several trusts, colleges and businesses have used this bespoke option to embed a champion culture of ‘Wellbeing’.


What a great start to the year! I purchased the programme as a new years resolution in order to better myself and in just under a month I'm sleeping better, eating healthier and exercising a lot more! I've even lost some weight along the way!"

Josh, Pontefract

I highly recommend the programme to anyone that wants self-improvement. The growth has not only been personal, I have also implemented these new attributes within my business structure and passing advice to my employees. Invest a little to learn a lot."

Jamie Kilmartin

Great book. Full of sensible everyday motivational advice for developing resilience and a positive mindset. This book enables you to evaluate what you want to accomplish and overcome challenges and negativity to achieve your goals."

Nina, Wakefield

2 weeks in now, already seeing the difference, the weekly videos are a great motivator, I feel you’re right with me on this journey Jamie!"

Chris, Leeds

Start your very own 30-day wellbeing programme!

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